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Performance Elastomers from Renewable Resources

D10 oshita

Event: 200th Technical Meeting - Fall 2021
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Date: October 05, 2021
Author: Shinya Oshita
Paper Number: D10

Price: $20.00

  • Kuraray is producing a variety of elastomer products normally consisting of isoprene, butadiene, and styrene. Utilizing a new renewable monomer called ß-farnesene, Kuraray has developed unique polymers including Liquid Farnesene Rubber and SEPTON BIO-series. Liquid Farnesene Rubber shows fast crosslinking kinetics regardless of curing agent and brings advantageous properties on rubber products, such as tires and automotive sealants. SEPTON BIO-series is a thermoplastic elastomer which exhibits low hardness, high flowability, and good damping. It is expected that both families of products will meet developing customer needs and provide added value to the marketplace.

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