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Examples of BolderBlack Recovered Carbon Black in Various Rubber Formulations

Iec paper b08 fall 2020

Event: 198th Technical Meeting - Fall 2020
Location: Virtual
Date: October 19, 2020
Author: Mike Kumbalek
Paper Number: B08

Price: $20.00

  • An overwhelming majority of publicly traded companies publish their sustainability performance annually. Increasingly, these companies are turning to their supply chains to achieve additional sustainability outcomes like reducing greenhouse gases and waste, conserving water and energy. For example, General Motors has reported that more than 80% of the total environmental footprint of their vehicles comes from the production of the individual parts through the supply chain. The customers of the rubber industry already demand increased sustainability in products with no sacrifice in cost or performance. BolderBlack? is a semi-reinforcing substitute for carbon black made from 100% used tires. BolderBlack is roughly 85% carbon black and is a blend of the grades used in the tire industry. It is produced at a fraction of the cost of petroleum-derived virgin carbon black. When replacing virgin carbon black, BolderBlack reduces water consumption by 98%, electricity by 67%, and greenhouse gas emissions by 95%. Rubber customers are becoming leaner and more conscientious of their product development resources. New materials that require compound development, like BolderBlack, are not always a priority. Bolder Industries opened a compound development laboratory and has already compounded BolderBlack into hundreds of formula variations. Bolder Industries offers compound development to its customers. Bolder can help customers optimize their compounds using our materials and save them time and resources. The accompanying presentation presents case studies where virgin carbon black is substituted with BolderBlack in various rubber formulations.

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