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The Use of Tire-Derived and Scrap-Derived Polymer in Tire and Non-tire Applications

B42 perevosnik paper

Event: 198th Technical Meeting - Fall 2020
Location: Virtual
Date: October 19, 2020
Author: Kathy Perevosnik
Paper Number: B42

Price: $20.00

  • Tire-derived polymer (TDP) and scrap-derived polymer (SDP) are re-engineered polymer masterbatch compounds that are thermo-mechanically devulcanized using patented technology that offers a recycled, sustainable polymer source for the rubber industry. These devulcanized materials are high quality, engineered materials that have the capability of being used in higher quantities than other more common recycled polymers without a corresponding loss in physical properties. This study evaluates TDP in an NR off-road tire compound, in an SBR conveyor belt formulation, and SDP in an EPDM roofing compound application for physical properties and costs compared to non-sustainable options.

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