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New Ultra-High Mooney Branched EPDM: Easy to Process High Filler Loading Compounds

B02 wu paper

Event: 198th Technical Meeting - Fall 2020
Location: Virtual
Date: October 19, 2020
Author: Xiaosong Wu
Paper Number: B02

Price: $20.00

  • Designing EPDM compounds with balanced properties and processability for various applications is of key interest and poses many fundamental challenges to rubber chemists. An ultrahigh Mooney Viscosity EPDM combined with long chain branching (LCB) allows favorable engineering properties such as improved shear thinning, higher collapse resistance and increased melt elasticity in response to extensional flow. Dow’s new advances in catalyst and polymerization process technology expands the molecular structure design capability to produce EPDMs with higher molecular weight and higher LCB structure. This paper introduces a new EPDM ultra-high Mooney viscosity EPDM with tailored LCB levels to not only improve the processability of the EPDM, but also to improve the EPDM compound physical properties to meet the industry need for higher filler and oil loading. The polymer structure, compound formulation, compound rheology, vulcanization characteristics, and cured compound mechanical property improvements of the new developmental EPDM grade are discussed.

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