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Dispersion of Polyethyelenimine-coated Pulp in Rubber Matrix

B15 kerobo paper cok

Event: 198th Technical Meeting - Fall 2020
Location: Virtual
Date: October 19, 2020
Author: Charles Kerobo
Paper Number: B15

Price: $20.00

  • Rubber is normally reinforced with a variety of fillers to improve their physical properties, such as stiffness and modulus. Inorganic particles like carbon black and/or silica are often augmented with Aramid pulp to improve the stiffness and modulus of the vulcanized rubber. Aramid pulps are subjected to mechanical treatment to expose and enlarge the surface area of the pulp fibrils before use. Even with mechanical treatment, a great deal of difficulty of non-uniform dispersion is encountered when compounded into rubber. To minimize the dispersion issues, others have used different methods to improve the dispersion of the aramid pulp in the rubber. For example, use of untreated Aramid pulp by compounding the formulation through multiple cycles to improve the dispersion of the pulp. Others treat the pulp with nanoparticles or pre-blend the pulp into masterbatch of polymer latex prior to use in the formulation. The objective of this presentation is to discuss coated-Aramid pulp, which can be incorporated directly into rubber and thus obviates the preparation of masterbatches. The coated-Aramid pulp provides better dispersion and enhanced reinforcement of the rubber. An EPDM recipe was used to compare the effects of untreated pulp and coated-Aramid pulp on the physical properties of uncured and vulcanized samples. The physical properties evaluated were Mooney viscosity, MDR, durometer, tensile, elongation, modulus, die C tear, trouser tear, compression set, DMA strain sweep, and fiber dispersions in the rubber matrix. Preliminary results show that the coated-Aramid pulp offer better pulp dispersion and improved physical properties.

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