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Carbon Black Dispersion and Grip Property of High-Performance Tire Tread Compound

1996spring2 takino

Event: 149th Technical Meeting - (INCOMPLETE)
Location: Montreal, Canada
Date: May 05, 1996
Author: H. Takino
Paper Number: 2

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  • Rubber and carbon black compounds show complex behaviors in their mixing process
    due to their complicated microcomposite structure. Therefore, establishing a clear
    relationship between the mixing state of rubber compoud and the physical properties of its cured rubber has still remained to be solved in spite of formidable efforts by many rubber technologists. This paper investigated the influence of a processing additive on the carbon black incorporation and its dispersion behaviors by inspecting Banbury power curves. From this investigation, we considered that the good wettability toward carbon black surface was necessary for processing additive in order to improve the caron black dispersion. And the function of processing additive was estimated to enhance the surface lubricating of carbon black for disagglomeration in early step of mixing. The tire dry grip property was estimated from the temperature dependence of dynamic viscoelastic properties of the rubbers having carbon black dispersion improved by the processing additive, and it
    was confirmed by actual tire running evaluation. Consequently, we found that the tread rubber whose carbon black dispersion was improved had the remarkable effect on the dry grip property at high temperature.

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