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A10 garbelotto manufacturing green silica from rice husk ash

Event: 196th Technical Meeting - Fall 2019
Location: Cleveland, OH
Date: October 08, 2019
Author: Paulo Garbelotto
Paper Number: A10

Price: $20.00

  • Environmental awareness has been taking on major proportions in the development
    of a new product. The automobile manufacturers, following this trend, started to
    worry about the impact that their cars have on the environment throughout their life
    cycle, from obtaining the raw materials and process, going through the daily use,
    going to their correct destination at the end of life. We can illustrate this concern with
    the use of new injection systems, with the reduction of weight and materials
    employed, with the development of alternative means of propulsion, among other
    For this reason, automobile manufacturers also pay attention to the tires used in their
    vehicles, since the rolling resistance represents a considerable part of the energy
    consumed in their displacement (around 20% of the energy contained in the fuel)
    directly impacts its fuel consumption and its impact on the environment, on CO2

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