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New Developments in Waterborne Adhesive Technology


Event: 141st Technical Meeting (INCOMPLETE)
Location: Louisville, KY
Date: May 19, 1992
Author: Karen Bond; Douglas Mowrey
Paper Number: 67

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  • Rubber to metal vulcanization bonding requires adhesives that provide excellent, reliable performance. Traditionally, the adhesives that have been used for these applications have been solvent based materials, usually with solids contents under 30%. In almost all cases, the volatile organic content (VOC) of these materials has exceeded the 3.5 lb./gallon limit established by many state Environmental Protection Agencies throughout the country.
    Increased enforcement of these environmental regulations is making significant reductions in VOC's necessary. A way to achieve this objective is by using the active film forming resins and dispersed solids. The first commercial adhesive system, Chemlok 802 primer and Chemlok 828 covercoat provides an alternative to the solvent based adhesive system of Chemlok
    205/220 for many applications. A recently introduced aqueous system, Chemlok 855, is Lord Corporation's first commercial general purpose, waterborne one coat adhesive.
    Extensive testing shows that Chemlok 855 is in many ways superior to solvent based one coat Chemlok products. Primary adhesion to a wide variety of elastomers is excellent. Environmental resistance is outstanding. In addition, Chemlok 855 can be used as a post-vulcanization bonding agent. In instances where the environmental exposure is extremely harsh, the waterborne one-coat can be combined with a variety of primers, both solvent and water based, to provide a system that provides exceptional environmental resistance

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