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Carbon Black Effects in Truck Tire Components


Event: 150th Technical Meeting (INCOMPLETE)
Location: Louisville, KY
Date: October 08, 1996
Author: Steve Laube*, Mike Curtin, and Glenn Denstaedt
Paper Number: 18

Price: $20.00

  • A survey of the industry demands in medium/heavy radial truck tires indicates that the most important factors in tire performance are improved global and irregular wear, improved durability, and increased retreadability. While major emphasis has been placed on the tread area to achieve improvements in wear resistance and fuel economy, focus on this area alone will not meet the increasing performance demands. This paper explores the medium/heavy truck tire market as well as the role of carbon black in several major truck tire components as related to the improved performance
    demands. The proper selection of carbon black by the truck tire compounder/truck tire design team can lead to better satisfaction of customer wants. New "super wear" carbon blacks have the potential to increase wear by about 30-3 5% over standard N220 type blacks. Proper selection of sidewall and wire skim carbon blacks can remove unwanted hysteresis without adversely affecting other properties of the tire. This in tum can give increased carcass durability/retreadability, with better fuel efficiency, too! Last, proper selection of carbon black for the innerliner can enhance nearly every facet of tire
    performance: treadwear, carcass durability, fuel efficiency, ride, and handling .

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