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Characterizing Rubber’s Resistance Against Chip & Cut Behaviour

E20 chip and cut fall 2017 acs rubber div prl endurica coesfeld new

Event: 192nd Technical Meeting - 2017 Fall
Location: Cleveland, OH
Date: October 09, 2017
Author: Radek Stoček, William V. Mars, Reinhold Kipscholl, and Christopher G. Robertson*
Paper Number: E20

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  • Tires in service - especially in rough terrain - show a behavior which is well known as the cut and chip (CC) effect. This work describes unique analytical methods to characterize the fracture in rubber occurring during lab-simulated operation of the tire tread in rough terrain. The new test device controls and records multiple applied loads and displacements during cyclic impact to the surface of a solid rubber wheel to mimic and quantify the cut and chip damage experienced by tire tread compounds on off-road and poor road conditions. Characterization results are examined for carbon black filled compounds containing single polymers and binary blends of natural rubber, butadiene rubber, and styrene-butadiene rubber suitable for tire tread applications. The instrument provides a reliable method for evaluating the resistance of rubber against CC damage, and it can also be used in full contact mode for measurement of friction and wear.

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