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Event: 190th Technical Meeting - 2016 Fall
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Date: October 10, 2016
Author: Aditya Jindal*, Andrew McClain, Kolos Molnar, Bruno Paiva, Melissa Camassola, and Judit E. Puskas
Paper Number: C-1

Price: $20.00

  • Student Colloquium Paper
    Polyisobutylene-based thermoplastic elastomers, AIBA {poly(alloocimene-b-isobutylene-b-alloocimene) triblocks), synthesized by carbocationic polymerization were electrospun into free-standing rubbery fiber mats from THF/Toluene solvent mixtures. The tensile strength measured on microdumbbells was ~ 2.7 MPa, comparable to that of soft tissues. Cell culture studies have shown these rubbery fiber mats to be non-cytotoxic. Electrospinning from non-flammable chloroform was also successful. Due to excellent biocompatibility and thermoplastic elastomeric properties, these fiber mats hold great promise for drug-eluting implant cover applications.

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