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Event: 135th Technical Meeting (INCOMPLETE)
Location: Mexico City
Date: May 09, 1989
Author: Gerald Thompson and Steven Strawn
Paper Number: 37

Price: $20.00

  • A major problem in the graphic arts industry is the service life of the rubber compound used on printing rolls. A rubber-covered roll consists of a metal core with a uniform covering of rubber throughout the length of the roll. With use changes in the rubber cover cause the roll to take on a
    concave shape: i.e. the diameter of the roll in the middle of its length is less than at the journal ends. In the printing process, this change is reflected in greater ink usage and poorer finished print quality. To compensate for this developing concavity, the operator will adjust the printing rolls by moving them closer together. This "squeezing" action results in a more uniform ink film on the roll. When this type of adjustment can no longer be made, the service life of the roll ts at an end. Printing rolls are subjected to harsh chemicals during operation and maintenance. Discussions with roll manufacturer, suppliers of printing materials, and press servicemen led to the conclusion that the interaction of chemicals and polymers was the major factor in roll service life. Thus, a
    project was 1nitiated using experimental design techniques in an attempt to isolate the most destructive factors. Determining these factors by experimental design techniques should result in a graphic arts roll with a longer service life.

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