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Some New Results on Rubber Nanocomposites

Zhang li qun

Event: 181st Technical Meeting
Location: San Antonio, TX
Date: April 22, 2012
Author: Liqun Zhang
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  • Some new results on rubber nanocomposites explored by authors were reported in this paper based on our recent research works. To the layer silicate/rubber nanocomposites, new drying method and in-situ interface tailoring method were combined with Latex Compounding Method(LCM) to prepare rubber nanocomposites. As a result, very fine nanodispersion and even exfoliated dispersion structure were successfully achieved, as a result, excellent mechanical performances were achieved. The application of clay/rubber nanocomposites in china rubber industry was also presented. The design and preparation of nano-sized polymeric filler by authors were illustrated. The dispersion morphology, interfacial interaction and corresponding mechanical properties of nano-polymeric filler reinforced rubber were presented. The future trend on the nanocomposite materials was described. Furthermore, graphite/rubber nanocomposites and graphene/rubber hybrid were prepared through some delicate methods. The excellent mechanical properties and functional properties were obtained and reported. Carbon nano-tubes/rubber nanocomposites were also studied mainly by utilizing special tubes or special interfacial tailoring method, and some new results were disclosed. Finally, recent progress in fundaments of surface modification for nanofiller in rubber matrix based on molecular simulation method was also involved. Nano-spring concept and its effect for elastomers were also demonstrated for the second time in ACS Rubber Division Technical Meeting.

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