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Use of Reinforcing Silica in Model SIdewall Comounds: Effects of Carbon Black Type, Polymer Type and Filler Level


Event: 145th Technical Meeting - (Incomplete)
Location: Chicago, IL
Date: April 21, 1994
Author: Larry R. Evans, Jeffrey C. Hope, Walter Waddell
Paper Number: 32

Price: $20.00

  • The use of precipitated silica to enhance the durability and performance of tire black sidewall compounds containing a variety of carbon blacks was studied in detail. The effects of polymer type and the phase mixing of precipitated silica into individual polymers or the polymer blend prior to carbon black addition, of increased accelerator level and of decreasing the antiozonant level were examined. Statistically designed compounding studies of precipitated silica, carbon black and total filler levels were made to detail the improvements in physical properties, particularly compound durability, that can be attained by using precipitated silica in the black sidewall. Significant increases in compound tear strength and cut growth resistance, and improvements in resistance to ozone aging and hysteresis were attained for many tire applications. On the basis of the designs, detailed plots of precipitated silica, carbon black and total filler level versus tear, cut growth and hysteresis are provided. Plots show the significant improvements in black sidewall durability properties that can be attained and the tradeoffs, if any, with compound hardness or modulus.

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