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Pulsed Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis (P-DMTA) for An Accelerated Determination of the Rolling Resistance of Tires

Deckmann mucha

Event: 183rd Technical Meeting
Location: Akron, OH
Date: April 22, 2013
Author: Horst Deckmann
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  • The development of improved tires (e.g. optimised rolling resistance) is one of the main targets in research departments within the tire industry. The determination of the tires` rolling resistance by drum tests is well established but long-lasting. Regular drum tests reveal a uniform energy loss within the tire. Tests performed on many different tires generate a sound database to distinguish different tread compounds. Finally the drum tests lead to a tyre ranking according to their rolling resistance.
    A recently developed test procedure based on the method of dynamic-mechanic-thermal analysis (DMTA) is fulfilling these requirements, too. A virtual, locally fixed rubber volume element in a tire experiences a pulsed load at each revolution of the tire, followed by a period of recovery. But this pulsed load can be applied by other means to a fixed rectangular tensile sample of the tire`s material.
    Energy losses within the rubber sample that are determined by the new Pulsed-DMTA method coincide well with the energy losses derived from drum tests. The evaluation takes into account both linear and non linear material effects and the pulse shape, too. These complementary tests performed by the GABO DMTA system EPLEXOR® 500 N allow very fast tread compound evaluations.

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