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Test for Evaluating Extrusion Resistance under High Strain for Drilling Applications

43 m huang

Event: 184th Technical Meeting
Location: Cleveland, OH
Date: October 08, 2013
Author: Ming Yu Huang* and Calvin D. Crowdis
Paper Number: 43

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  • Elastomer extrusion under pressure is a significant concern in oil and gas industries where elastomer materials are used for sealing applications. This paper presents a laboratory test designed to evaluate the elastomeris extrusion resistance under high strain, which can be employed for modeling elastomers for drilling applications. Blowout preventers (BOPs) in sealing operations (high stain) against wellbore pressure (extrusion resistance) are an example of this. Several elastomer prototypes for drilling applications including annular and variable ram BOPs were tested via the present methodology to simulate the American Petroleum Institute (API) recommended tests on elastomeric BOP performances. This includes low and high temperature testing and fatigue testing. The properties of extrusion resistance under high strain are predictive for the elastomeric BOP performances, which can provide an efficient and economic tool for drilling elastomer development and qualifications.

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