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Influence of the Formulation of Elastomers on their Fatigue Properties in Crack Growth

39 f rouillard

Event: 184th Technical Meeting
Location: Cleveland, OH
Date: October 08, 2013
Author: Francois Rouillarda*, Nicolas Flochea and Laurent Perierb
Paper Number: 39

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  • Elastomers exhibit complex fracture mechanical properties. The crack growth rate depends on polymers, fillers, curing state... For various applications, elastomeric parts often work under complex periodic loadings. The new Fatigue Test Analyser of Metravib ACOEM allows to perform fatigue crack growth tests at controlled tearing energy on pure shear samples. This method of loading is strongly recommended to compare dynamic fatigue properties of elastomers. The article deals with crack growth rate measurements and comparison of several rubber compounds. The influence of some parameters of formulation and mixing would be presented on an SBR compound: dispersion of filler and curing system. All compounds were characterized according to normalized mechanical tests such as uniaxial tensile, monotonic tearing, hardness: two were also tested according to normalized fatigue tests as FTFT (Fatigue To Failure Test), De Mattia Flexing Fatigue Method (initiation and crack growth determination).

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