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Phase-Field Modeling of Strain-Induced Crystallization of Elastomer


Event: 182nd Technical Meeting
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Date: October 09, 2012
Author: Rabia Laghmach*, Thierry Biben, Laurent Chazeau, Jean-Marc Chenal
Paper Number: C1

Price: $20.00

  • 9th Annual Student Colloquium & Poster Session.
    We present a kinetic model of crystal growth of elastomers under strain using the phase-field approach connecting the thermodynamic of crystallization and the local stress. The challenge is to model the dynamics of the strain-induced crystallization of elastomer in particular in natural rubber. The main idea of this approach is to use a local thermodynamic potential to describe the coexisting phases and their interfaces, and to add the local stress contribution to this functional. Dynamic equations are obtained based on conservation considerations.

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