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Novel Polyisobutylene-Based Polyurethanes for Health Care


Event: 180th Technical Meeting
Location: Cleveland, OH
Date: October 11, 2011
Author: Gabor Erdodi, J ungmee Kang and Joseph P. Kennedy*
Paper Number: HC2

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  • This presentation concerns the development and status of unique polyurethanes consisting of polyisobutylene soft segments and conventional hard segments (PIB-based PUs) exhibiting unprecedented combinations of mechanical properties and oxidative-hydrolytic-biological stability. The impetus for this work was to improve the mediocre chemical-environmental resistance of contemporary polyurethanes and thus render them suitable for long term medical implantation applications. Our objective was achieved by replacing the conventional soft segments (i.e., polytetramethylene oxide, polycarbonate, polydimethylsiloxane) with polyisobutylene soft segments in polyurethanes. Presently we can produce kg quantities of PIB- based PUs with outstanding combinations of excellent physical-mechanical-environmental-biological and processing properties.

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