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Event: 176th Technical Meeting
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Date: October 13, 2009
Author: By Sherrika Daniel*, Brian Walther, Peter Voorheis, Tim Clayfield, Arnis Paeglis, Wenbin Liang, Dave Schiff
Paper Number: 167

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  • Custom compounders to the automotive industry are constantly being challenged with lower cost targets yet more stringent performance requirements for their products. Dow has expanded a predictive property model for formulated EPDM polymers, called the EPDM Plug-in Model, to assist the custom compounder in new application development. In addition, a new EPDM product was recently developed to expand the compounderis processing and formulation flexibility. This combination of advanced modeling and expanded product offerings may significantly reduce time and costs associated with developing new, better performing formulations. Introductions of the commercial EPDM Plug-in Model and its use with the new EPDM product will be presented.

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