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Event: 176th Technical Meeting
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Date: October 13, 2009
Author: Sven Thiele*, Dieter Bellgardta
Paper Number: 150

Price: $20.00

  • The extensive use of fossil fuels and the resulting threat of global warming has led to international treaties and to national legislation demanding emission reductions in greenhouse gases, particularly CO2. Medium term, the contribution of the automotive and tire industries consists in a significant reduction of the vehicles fuel consumption. Optimized tire rolling resistance contributes to fuel efficiency. In regard to this, a new modified oil-extended SSBR grade is discussed. The new modified TDAE oil-containing SSBR and a previously developed new modified oil-free SSBR grade enable a significant improvement of the tire rolling resistance, identified as an up to 37 percent decrease of the tan 8 at 60 DC. In addition, beneficial heat built-up, abrasion and ice-grip characteristics (measured as tan 8 at -10 0C) were found. Stated benefits were found for both silica- and carbon black-containing compound vulcanizates when compared with non-modified SSBR references. The impact of the foreseen national laws and regulations on the development and implementation of fuel saving/low rolling resistance tires is elucidated and placed in a global context.

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