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This site contains all papers presented at Rubber Division, ACS Technical Meetings from 2000-2018. Meetings prior to 2000 are incomplete and papers are added as they are digitized.

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150th Technical Meeting (INCOMPLETE)

Date: October 08, 1996
Location: Louisville, KY

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Paper# 1 1996fall1

Comparison of Laboratory Tests for Reversion Resistance of Tire Compounds

Author: Martin L. Engelhardt
Abstract: Large off-highway and radial medium truck tire components continue to be composed primarily of sulfur-crosslinked natural rubber compounds. Under severe load or speed conditions high operating...

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Paper# 18 1996fall18

Carbon Black Effects in Truck Tire Components

Author: Steve Laube*, Mike Curtin, and Glenn Denstaedt
Abstract: A survey of the industry demands in medium/heavy radial truck tires indicates that the most important factors in tire performance are improved global and irregular wear, improved durability, and...

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Paper# 19 1996fall19 bender

The Development of a One-Part Heat Curable Urethane Precure Retread Adhesive

Author: David L. Bender
Abstract: The art of "precure" tire retreading typically consists of the use of a thin layer of rubber adhesive (tie gum) which is vulcanized to hold a precured tread in contact with a prepared tire casing....

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Paper# 78 1996fall78 morris

Reinforcement of Latex Articles by the Use of Fumed Silica Dispersions

Author: Michael D. Morris
Abstract: Cab-O-SperseĀ® dispersions of fumed silica have been developed for reinforcement of latex dipped articles such as gloves, condoms, etc. The primary benefit is the enhancement of tear strength at a...

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