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This site contains all papers presented at Rubber Division, ACS Technical Meetings from 2000-2018. Meetings prior to 2000 are incomplete and papers are added as they are digitized.

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151st Technical Meeting (INCOMPLETE)

Date: May 07, 1997
Location: Anaheim, CA

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Paper# 12 1997spring12

Expanding Markets for Scrap Tires and Rubber

Author: John R. Serumgard
Abstract: Over the last several years there has been substantial progress in finding and developing markets that can utilize the value in scrap tire and rubber products. As these markets are encouraged and...

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Paper# 45 1997spring45 winston


Author: Jeff Winston* and Kim Ames
Abstract: Traction and durability are among the most important properties for tires as well as for athletic footwear. As with tires, there are many different outsole or "tread" compounds. These have been...

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