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156th Technical Meeting (INCOMPLETE)

Date: September 21, 1999
Location: Orlando, FL

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Paper# 4 1999fall4


Author: Christopher A. Stevens; John Dick
Abstract: The natural origin of natural rubber causes routine shipments of raw NR to be potentially one of the most variable raw materials which can be used in the tire production process. The RPA 2000®...

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Paper# 5 1999fall5

Validation of Accumulated Degradation in a Natural Rubber Component by Means of Crosslink Structure Analysis

Author: Marsha A. Samus
Abstract: The role of predictive life-determination of elastomer components is gaining greater importance, due to shortened development time and increased expectations of quality and durability. The...

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Paper# 6 1999fall paper6


Author: W. Hopkins and J.G. Neilsen
Abstract: Two reactions have been observed in a cure rheograph of a resin cured butyl curing bladder compound. It has been shown that the second reaction is related to the "hardening" that occurs during...

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Paper# 7 1999fall7

A Kinetic Model for Accelerated Sulfur Vulcanization for Natural Rubber

Author: Prasenjeet Ghosh, Santhoji Katare, Priyan Patkar, and James Caruthers
Abstract: A fundamental kinetic model has been developed for the sulfur vulcanization of natural rubber with a 2-4-morpholinothio-benzothiazole sulfenamide (MBS) accelerator. The model was developed using...

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Paper# 8 1999fall8

Constitutive Model for Predicting Stress Response of Sulfur Vulcanized Rubbers During Simultaneous Deformation and Chemical Aging

Author: Prasenjeet Ghosh and James M. Caruthers
Abstract: Sulfur vulcanized rubber is one of the earliest thermosetting polymers yet still continues as a major engineering material to this day. During the lifecycle of a vulcanized part, it can...

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Paper# 12 1999fall12

DE304: A New EPDM Grade for Elevated Temperature Dynamic Applications

Author: Michael J. Doyle* and Peter M. van de Ven
Abstract: There are increasing demands on the performance of many elastomeric components used in the automotive industry. These arise from the requirements of longer component lifetime, enhanced levels of...

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Paper# 19 1999fall paper19

Network Visualization of Elastomer Vulcanizates

Author: Stuart Cook*, Paul E. F. Cudby, and Andrew J. Tinker
Abstract: A method of visualizing networks of unsaturated elastomers has been used to estimate physical crosslink densities for a range of elastomer vulcanizates including NR, SBR, CR, NBR and EPDM. The...

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Paper# 23 1999fall23

Introduction to NR Elastomer Composite: Process, Material and Performance Characteristics

Author: James Shell*, Ting Wang
Abstract: A new process using a mechanical approach to coagulation has been developed. This new process can continuously produce emulsion based elastomer composites (EC), of similar composition to...

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Paper# 27 1999fall27


Author: Sung W. Hong and Chung-Yuan Lin
Abstract: Tire companies have tried to develop an improved flex fatigue property for tire components and improved cracking resistance in dynamic ozone for tire exterior components such as sidewall, tread and...

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Paper# 45 1999fall45

Experimental Elastomer Analysis

Author: Daniel Wolf and Kurt Miller
Abstract: The study of elastomers has only spanned the last 60 years, an order of magnitude less time than metals. There is here an almost virgin field for engineering research. Fortunately, analysis...

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Paper# 46 1999fall46

The Rheology and Processability of Tire Compounds

Author: Stephane Schaal*, Aubert Y. Coran
Abstract: The purpose of the work reported here was to define the parameters, which affect the rheology of tire compounds as well as their processability. Rheology was characterized over a wide range of...

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Paper# 50 1999fall50

Adhesion Systems For Belts and Hose

Author: N.L. Hewitt
Abstract: The role of precipitated silica in providing enhanced adhesion properties in tire carcass and brass coated wire belt skim compounds has been well established. This paper contains examples from...

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Paper# 57 1999fall57

Surface and Fiber-Rubber Interface Analysis by TOFSIMS and Other Techniques

Author: W. J. van Ooij*, Jong-Myoung Kim, Shijian Luo
Abstract: Surface analysis with an emphasis on Time-of-Flight SIMS, were used to study reactions occurring at the rubber-steel interface in tires and in squalene model systems, at the textile cord-rubber...

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Paper# 64 1999fall64

2,2,4-Trimethyl-1,2-dihydroquinoline (TMQ) - A Review

Author: UweHugger
Abstract: Rubber articles can be exposed to a variety of degrading influences of which mechanical stress, heat and the action of chemicals like oxygen and ozone are the most prominent. Since there is no...

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Paper# 79 1999fall79

The Reduction of Iridescence Bloom in Elastomeric Weather-stripping Application

Author: Lars C. Larsen* and Paul A. Danilowicz
Abstract: The switch from SBR to EPDM for automotive weather stripping the problem of "iridescence" started to appear. The iridescence sheen phenomenon occurs particularly in EPDM when the fabricated...

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Paper# 101 1999fall101

Design of an EP(D)M Polymer Structure to Achieve Exceptional Processibility and Product Attributes in Molding Applications

Author: R. Liotta· and P.S. Ravishankar
Abstract: The recent trend in formulation of EP(D)M with lower levels of fillers and plasticizers to improve aging properties has accentuated the role of polymer structure in the overall part performance....

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Paper# 117 1999fall117

Mechanics of Fibers, Yarns and Cords: Links via Models at the Molecular Level

Author: A.S. Abhiraman,* V. Sharma and P. Desai
Abstract: Rational design of flexible composites, such as fiber-reinforced rubber goods, demands quantitative descriptions of performance of fibers and fiber assemblies, matrix materials, interfaces and...

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Paper# 136 1999fall136

Applied Research on Ultrasonic Devulcanization of Crumb Rubber

Author: Tim Boron*
Abstract: Recycled rubber derived from scrap tires continues to reflect interest from both scientific and business communities. A rubber processing technology using ultrasonics as a stimulus for...

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Paper# 143 1999fall143

Extrusion and Continuous Vulcanisation of Profiles

Author: Gerd Capelle
Abstract: Discusses extrusion of rubber profiles employed as sealing components in the automobile industry and limits to production speed. Emphasizes development of a high-performance vacuum extruder to...

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