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This site contains all papers presented at Rubber Division, ACS Technical Meetings from 2000-2018. Meetings prior to 2000 are incomplete and papers are added as they are digitized.

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153rd Technical Meeting (INCOMPLETE)

Date: May 05, 1998
Location: Indianapolis

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Paper# 1 1998spring 1


Author: Jay B. Class
Abstract: This review of the Fundamentals of Crosslinking with Peroxides explains the three steps of the crosslinking mechanism. It covers the characteristics of the reactions and their influence on the...

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Paper# 32 1998spring paper32 kdominic

Overview of Automotive Wire and Cable and Recent Advances

Author: Kevin Dominic * and Vipin Kothari
Abstract: Today's automobile (Figure 1) has more electronic gadgets such as power steering, power brakes, power windows, and air conditioning that were once considered to be optional luxury items. As they...

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